Precision Agriculture Services

Complete Farm Management

The team at Highland Precision Ag is dedicated to assisting growers use precision agriculture in order to make fast, accurate decisions and determine the overall health of crops. Precise camera sensors and the Highland Hub online-management tool work together to help identify soil characteristics, detect early stages of disease, and allow growers to implement environmentally friendly and sustainable farming practices that will ultimately maximize crop yield potential.

Paired with our regulatory and marketing services, we can help growers enhance all aspects of their business. Our Regulatory Compliance Maintenance Program is designed to assist you in meeting local, state and federal regulations, while a member of our team will become your point of contact for these agencies. By working closely with our marketing and public relations team, we can promote the clearest message to both regulatory officials and consumers.

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Highland Hub

State-of-the-Art Farm Management

Keep track of your entire farming operation in one convenient place. Highland Hub can organize all of your data and present it to you through an easy-to-use dashboard that can be securely accessed at anytime, giving you the ability to quickly make decisions throughout each phase of the growing process.

As our team receives new information, we will work quickly behind the scenes to make sure your dashboard is updated within 24 hours, providing you with a real-time, incredibly detailed view of the performance of your farm.

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Lab Services

Quick and Accurate Results

Before you plant your crops, we want to make sure that your soil is ready for it. Through multispectral remote sensing, georeferenced ground sampling, physical lab testing and sophisticated data analysis, our precision agriculture team will develop soil surveys and a specific plan for fertilizing the soil. Additionally, our Lab Services include soil analysis, plant tissue analysis, water analysis, nematode assay, disease diagnostic, and herbicide/pesticide residue.

Throughout the season, our Lab Services team will continue to test soil and plant samples to create customized solutions to overcome diseases, pests and deficiencies.

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Imagery & Analysis

Identify Problem Areas

Multispectral remote sensing of vegetation detects how plants are reflecting light under various conditions. Healthy plants display different patterns of reflectance compared to patterns observed in stressed plants, allowing us to characterize and detect pest pressures earlier than traditional scouting methods.

By coupling our remotely sensed data with traditional ground-truth data, our team will develop customized management plans that use the exact amount of chemical inputs required to help maximize your yield.

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Manage Compliance Requests

Before implementing precision agriculture technology, we’ll help you ensure that you are meeting the most environmentally friendly growing practices. This includes meeting or exceeding all guidelines set forth by Good Agricultural Practices (GAP), water management districts, and state and federal statutes for growing crops and maximizing water efficiencies.

We can also provide energy-audit consultation services to help you become more environmentally friendly. If you have a food-safety program in place, we can assist in ensuring you maintain those standards as you become a precision ag grower.

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Enhance Consumer Awareness

While farming has changed drastically over the past few years, the way growers market and sell their produce has changed as well. We’ll work with you to tell your farm’s story through innovative website and marketing tactics, allowing you to begin building brand recognition that will ultimately help boost your bottom line.

Our marketing services include:

  • Website Design and Development
  • Website Administration Training
  • Social Media Marketing Strategy and Consultation
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