Our Commitment

To empower growers by providing them with state-of-the-art precision agriculture tools that will help them make accurate and timely crop decisions.

Our Promise

To be friends of the land and minimize the amount of waste we produce—not only for the betterment of our world, but for future generations as well.

Our Goal

To connect consumers to growers and increase awareness about the diverse and  complex challenges growers face in feeding the world’s population.

From Humble Beginnings to

Sprouting a Farming Revolution

Wesley Collins is an early example of the great American farmer. Steve Maxwell—his grandson and founder of Highland Precision Ag—followed his grandfather through the fields of Georgia as a child. Steve watched as his grandfather worked tirelessly to get his product to the marketplace and properly graded as he hoped for the best possible price.

Over time, Steve recognized the challenges farmers faced with postharvest quality, handling and marketing of their product. Realizing a need for innovative solutions to help growers overcome these challenges, he dedicated himself to building a company that is committed to the success of the farm.

The Highland Precision Ag team offers a suite of precision agriculture products and services that assist growers in reaching their management and production goals. From aerial imagery to soil surveys and plant pathology, our field teams and 24/7 laboratories can quickly assess and analyze crop growth in order to provide our customers with the most up-to-date information about their farms. In addition to our agriculture technology offerings, we also provide marketing and web design services that work to connect growers to consumers, while highlighting their efforts to provide quality products and decrease their environmental footprint.

Meet the Dedicated Team at

Highland Precision Ag

Steve Maxwell

CEO & Founder

Wade Carter

Director of Sales

Suzie Freedland

Director of Multimedia & Marketing

Kaylee Norris

Marketing Assistant

Terry Benefield

Director of Grower Services

Danny Kushmer

Director of Environment, Restoration & Compliance

Ryan Williams

Field Technician

Rodney Rose

Manager of Systems Integration

Clayton Carter

Equipment Technician

Chris Crockett

Director of Research & Development

Tyler Jacoby

PhD, Agronomist

Anthony Machado

Director of Operations